Private, Commercial and MotorcyclesLevels of Cover:

  • Third Party Only – liability to others.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft – liability to others and loss of or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, self-ignition, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.
  • Comprehensive – liability to others and accidental loss of or damage to your vehicle.

All three levels of cover provide you with FREE Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Servicewhich includes repair on the spot following mechanical or electrical breakdown, battery boost and flat tyre assistance, towing of motor vehicle following a breakdown or accident, second delivery service, fuel delivery and locksmith service.  This service is provided in all Europe.

Depending on the level of cover purchased, the policy is/can be extended to include:

Extensions to CoverComprehensiveThird Party Fire & TheftThird Party Only


Extensions to Cover Comprehensive Third Party Fire & Theft Third Party Only
Personal Accident Included Included Included
Medical Expenses Included Included Included
Breakage of Glass Included Included Included
Use by the Motor, Hotel or Restaurant Trade Included Included Included
Legal Assistance for Uninsured Losses Included Included Not Included
Personal Belongings Included Included Not Included
Emergency Overnight Accommodation outside of Malta Included Included Not Included
Entertainment Equipment Included Included Not Included
Lost Keys and Locks Included Included Not Included
Courtesy Vehicle (Private Vehicles Only) Included Not Included Not Included
30 days Own Damage cover anywhere within the EEA and Switzerland Included Included Not Included


Payment for loss or damage under the above extensions will not affect your entitlement to No Claims Discount. 


Optional Extensions Comprehensive Third Party Fire & Theft Third Party Only
Protection of your No Claims Discount (Private Vehicles Only) Available Available Available
Earthquake Cover Available Not Available Not Available

Benefits & Advantages

Your MAPFRE Middlesea Insurance policy includes a wide range of interesting benefits for you and your vehicle:

  • 24/7 Call Centre on 2248-0200.
  • Free repair on the spot following mechanical or electrical breakdown of your car.
  • Battery boost assistance and towing of motor vehicle following a breakdown or accident.
  • Second delivery service if the car malfunctions during the night, on a weekend or public holiday.
  • Flat tyre assistance and fuel delivery
  • Transport of the passengers in case of an accident.
  • Standard roadside assistance and breakdown service is provided in all Europe.
  • Policyholders with more than one vehicle insured with Middlesea Insurance, or with other kind of Middlesea policies, may benefit of discounts on their premiums.
  • Young drivers may take advantage of Motormax, a telematics device that informs about driving performance. The driver can have access to the information about his or her personal driving habits via online or mobile app. The system detects impacts, and alerts our team that will inform emergency services if required. The Motormax telematics device also enables you to know the exact location of your car in case of theft.
  • We will cover any damage, where the damage is caused by breakage, to the glass in your vehicle’s windscreen or windows.
  • We will cover your vehicle when it is in the hands of a motor trader carrying from a motor trade outlet or premises for service, overhaul or repair, or when it is being parked by an employee of a hotel or restaurant vehicle parking service.
  • Third party Fire &Theft and Comprehensive levels cover emergency overnight accommodation. We cover your lodging if you or any person covered by this policy cannot reach the intended destination because your car cannot be driven due to an incident which happens outside Malta.
  • These two protection levels encompass the loss of or damage to personal belongings while in or on your vehicle. At your request, we will pay back the owner of the lost or damaged property.
  • The comprehensive level also covers you for the expenses of hiring an alternative car while yours is being repaired following an accident covered under your policy.

General Conditions

With this insurance you can choose between 3 levels of coverage for your vehicle: (1) Third Party Only; (2) Third Party, Fire &Theft Damage; (3) Comprehensive cover.

  • Roadside assistance and breakdown service is provided for all drivers. This includes immediate repair following mechanical or electrical failure, battery boost and flat tyre assistance, towing of motor vehicle following a breakdown or accident.
  • We also cover second delivery service, fuel delivery and locksmith service. To make use of this roadside assistance and breakdown service, drivers shall contact our 24/7 Call Centre on 2248-0200.
  • We will cover you for all amounts which you may be legally required to pay as a result from an accident while driving or using your vehicle, which causes the death of or bodily injury to any other person or damage to another person’s property.
  • If any person in your vehicle sustain any bodily injury as a result of an accident involving your vehicle, we will always refund the cost of the required medical treatments in connection with such wound. We will pay up to the sum shown in the schedule comprised in your policy for each injured person.
  • Also, as a valued MAPFRE Middlesea Insurance policyholder, if you and/or any of your passengers suffer bodily injury as a direct result of an accident involving your vehicle, we will pay the amount fixed in the policy to the wounded person or to such person’s legal representatives. The benefits taken into account are: death or bodily injury occur within 3 months of the accident; total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes; total loss by physical severance at or above the wrist or ankle of one or more limbs.
  • Level 2 and 3 of the policy include the loss of or damage to your vehicle comprising its accessories and spare parts caused by fire, self-ignition, lightning or explosion. It also includes the theft or attempted theft. We will also cover the loss of or damage to your vehicle, including its accessories and spare parts, while on it or while in your locked private garage. The loss of or damage to personal belongings while on your vehicle is only comprised in the comprehensive option. The comprehensive cover also compensates you for the cost of hiring an alternative transport while your vehicle is being repaired following an accident covered under your policy.

Requirements & Restrictions

This policy has certain requirements that shall be evaluated by the customer. It´s very important to consider them in order to decide which life insurance policy satisfies better the policyholder needs.

  • The policy only covers vehicles that have a weight less than 3,500 kg and observe legislation.
  • The vehicles covered have an internal combustion engine for which petrol or diesel oil is used as fuel. Hybrid and electric cars are covered too, with the exception on LPG ones.
  • The following restrictions apply to the policy:
  • The policy does not cover any loss or damage to trailers, caravans or mechanically disabled vehicles attached to your vehicle.
  • This policy does not provide cover for bodily injury or death caused by suicide or any attempted suicide. It doesn’t cover, either, the personal damages caused while you or any authorised driver is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unless taken on proper medical advice and not for the treatment of drug addiction.
  • We don’t cover bodily injury or death if you or any of your passengers are insured by another policy covering the same conditions.
  • We don’t cover the roadside assistance of those drivers without corresponding license or permission for the category of the vehicle, or those violating the sanction of cancellation or withdrawal.
  • The coverage doesn’t include accidents caused by events occurring when you or the authorised driver break the regulations in terms of the requirements and number of people transported, the weight or measurements of the objects or animals transported, or the way in which the load is disposed (provided that the breach is the decisive cause of the loss).
  • We don’t cover damages caused by accidents that are produced while the vehicle lacks documentation or requisites legally compulsory to circulate on public roads, including the Technical Inspection of the Vehicles.
  • The policy does not cover accidents caused by fuel, mineral essences, and other inflammable, explosive or toxic materials transported in the vehicle.
  • Events caused by extraordinary natural phenomena such as earthquakes, landslides, falling objects from space, aerolites, atypical cyclonic storms, or volcanic eruptions are not covered. Neither damages caused by extraordinary atmospheric, meteorological, seismic or geological phenomena.

Useful Points

We recommend to the policyholder, in order to receive benefits from all the guarantees of the policy, to consider some relevant aspects before and after contracting the policy:

  • In case of an accident involving your vehicle, if the occupants have different places of residence within Malta, their transportation will only be carried out to one place or spot chosen by you.
  • If you require the fuel delivery more than once during the period of insurance, a fee of €30.00 will be charged as cost of the service. This also applies to the locksmith service.
  • You or your legal representatives must give the company notice as soon as reasonably possible of any accident, injury, loss or damage. You must send us every information about the event in your possession without delay. You have to inform us immediately of any civil or criminal proceedings, inquest or fatal enquiry in connection with any event for which there may be liability under this policy. You have to send us immediately any correspondence or other documents you receive, and co-operate with us fully.
  • You must report immediately to the police theft, or vandalism, or any other criminal act which may give rise to a claim under this policy. You have to collaborate with us in securing the conviction of the delinquent.
  • In case of an accident, your vehicle must not be left unprotected, without taking appropriate precautions to prevent further loss or damage. This includes not driving your vehicle if further damage might be caused.
  • Your vehicle must be maintained in an efficient and safe condition. You and any other person in charge of your vehicle must take all reasonable steps to protect it against loss or damage.
  • When your vehicle is left unattended, its doors and windows must be fully closed and it must be kept locked with its keys removed.
  • You may cancel this Policy by returning the effective Certificate of Motor Insurance to the company. Any refund of premium will be calculated from the date we receive the effective Certificate of Motor Insurance. Provided no claim or loss has arisen in the existing period of insurance, we will return part of the premium after applying the cancellation rates.


Our 24/7 call centre can be contacted on +356 2248 0205.